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Cracked Heels

Cracked heels are a common foot problem often caused by dry skin around the heel, which can be further complicated by the presence of callus around the heel. If left untreated, a crack in the skin may develop into a fissure (open, deep crack). This may in turn cause pain and bleeding, as well as increasing the possibility of an infection in that area.

Dry skin and callus can be caused by a number of systemic conditions including diabetes and an under-active thyroid. Poor footwear is also a contributing factor, especially in shoes with open backs.

The pain associated with cracked heels may be very little to begin with. However; if they develop into open wounds, then walking may become very uncomfortable and the cracks may become infected.

We can reduce callus and the cracks as well as provide advice in keeping your heels in good condition including the supply of medical emmolient creams.