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Podiatry Specialist Treatment

Podiatry services

Podiatry specialist treatment is generally more advanced and includes the following:

Podiatry specialist treatment showing podiatrist applying an orthotic
Podiatry – podiatrist testing an orthotic

When people come to see me at the clinic they are first given a full foot assessment to check for any medical issues and rule out any major problems.

If you have painful feet you may walk differently to try to avoid it hurting and this can then affect your back or other parts of the body without you realising. This can lead to lower back pain, hip and knee pain and aching joints. I can perform a biomechanical assessment and provide corrective orthotic supports if necessary and provide foot health education to help alleviate painful symptoms.

Feet are a personal thing which is why people don’t like showing them and they worry that a visit to a podiatrist is going to be painful and invasive, but it really isn’t.

Chiropody services

Chiropody services include general foot care for if you have a particular problem, or are simply unable to reach your feet, or else just want them to look good.

See chiropody services